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Nomination Facility

If you wish to appoint a nominee, kindly fill in the Nomination Form.

Kindly read the instructions pertaining to the Nomination facility furnished beneath the Nomination Form.

We have compiled a simple Nomination Guide on Nomination Facility.

With a view to enabling the shareholders to appoint nominees for their shareholdings, the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1999 has made provision under which a shareholder, debenture holder or a depositor can now nominate a person in whom the share or debenture or deposit would vest with, in the event of former´s death.

Pursuant to this provision, the Department of Company Affairs has by Notification No.GSR23 (F) dated 12th January, 1999 prescribed Form 2B for making nomination in respect of shares, debentures and deposits, pursuant to Rules 4CCC and 5D of the Companies (Central Government) General Rules and Forms, 1956.
Shareholders are requested to read the Form and the clarifications furnished hereunder carefully before nominating any person.

How can you make nomination?

You can make nomination by filling in and sending us Form 2B singly if you are a sole holder or jointly if you are joint holders. We shall, after verifying your signatures register your nomination and shall intimate you of registration of your nomination.

Who can make nomination?
The nomination can be made only by individuals holding shares singly or jointly. If the shares are held jointly, all the joint holders will sign the nomination form. Non-individuals including a society, trust, body corporate, partnership firm, karta of Hindu Undivided Family and holder of Power of Attorney cannot nominate.

What is the advantage of making nomination?
Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law or any testamentary disposition or otherwise, in respect of the shares or debentures, where a nomination has been made in accordance with the Companies Act, 1956, the nominee on the death of the shareholder / debenture holder / deposit holder of the Company as the case may be on the death of all the joint holders shall become entitled to the rights in the shares or debentures or deposits of the Company, as the case may be, on the death of all the joint holders shall become entitled to the rights in the shares or debentures or deposits of the Company, as the case may be.

Please click here to DOWNLOAD for the NOMINATION FORM.

  • Please read the instructions given below very carefully and follow the same to the letter. If the form is not filled as per instructions, the same will be rejected.
  • The nomination can be made by individuals only. Non individuals including society, trust, body corporate, partnership firm, Karta of Hindu Undivided Family, holder of power of attorney cannot nominate. If the Shares are held jointly, all joint holders are required to sign (as per the specimen registered with the Company) the nomination form.
  • A minor can be nominated by a holder of shares and in that event the name and address of the Guardian shall be given by the holder.
  • The nominee shall not be a trust, society, body corporate, partnership firm, Karta of Hindu Undivided Family, or a power of attorney holder. A non-resident Indian can be a nominee on repatriable basis.
  • Transfer of shares in favor of a nominee and repayment of amount to nominee shall be a valid discharge by a company against the legal heir.
  • Only one person can be nominated for a given folio.
  • Details of all holders in a folio need to be filled; else the request will be rejected.
  • The nomination will be registered only when it is complete in all respects including the signature of (a) all registered holders (as per specimen lodged with the company) and (b) the nominee.
  • Whenever the Shares in the given folio are entirely transferred, transposition or dematerialized with some other folio, then this nomination will stand rescinded.
  • Upon receipt of a duly executed nomination form, the Registrar and Transfer Agent of the company will register the form and allot a registration number. The registration number and folio no. should be quoted by the nominee in all future correspondence.
  • The nomination can be varied or cancelled by executing fresh nomination form.
  • The company will not entertain any claims other than those of a registered nominee unless so directed by a Court.
  • The intention regarding nomination / nomination form shall be filed in duplicate with the Registrar and Transfer Agents of the Company who will return one copy thereof to the Shareholders.
  • Separate form is required to fill for each company & folio, separately.
  • This format is valid for Reliance Group of Companies only.
  • For shares held in dematerialized mode, nomination is required to be filed with Depository Participant in their prescribed form.