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Samalkot Power Station

In 2016-17, auxiliary power consumption reduced by 0.32 MUs during plant preservation due to best practices adopted and implementation of various energy conservation measures. In order to reduce energy consumption of the station during the preservation period, a study on fixed and variable loads was done. Accordingly, energy saving was classified as per use of equipment as daily, weekly and fortnightly.

  • In order to reduce the "No load losses" of a charged transformer, power supply reliability were studied and a redundant distribution transformer each in Power block and balance of plant area is kept "Off". A thorough study of ACW pumps circulation flow was done. Preservation schedule was changed from daily 1 hour run to alternate day 11/2 Hours run.
  • Weekly CW line flushing activity time reduced from 1 hr to 45 minute- Fortnightly savings with variable loads was scheduled along with instrument air compressor run i.e. Single CCW pump is operated and temperature of water monitored accordingly. ACW system operation to cool the CCW system is optimized. Similarly,, fortnightly auxiliaries for Expansion Projectare optimized, such as to reduce gas turbine air intake filter pulsing time from 31/2 hr to 21/2 hr. The pause time between the pulse cleaning cycle is optimized.