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Environment, health and safety policy

Environmental Policy

At RInfra preservation and promotion of environment is of fundamental concern in all its business activities. RInfra, having a leading role in delivering reliable and quality products and services to all consumers at competitive costs, is conscious of its responsibility towards creating, conserving and ascertaining safe and clean environment for sustainable development.

The Company is committed to achieve excellence in environmental performance and towards achieving these objectives, the Company shall .

  • Adopt appropriate operational practices and suitable technologies to monitor, control and minimize the impact of its activities on environment.
  • Continually improve its environmental performance by setting objectives and targets to prevent or reduce pollution and waste and minimize use of resources.
  • Comply with all the relevant legislative and regulatory environmental requirements.
  • Develop and maintain a highly motivated workforce trained for effective management of environment and emergency situations.
  • Provide relevant information on environmental policy to the concerned authorities and interested parties and ensure that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained by employees at all levels within the organization.
  • Evaluate and modify environmental management practices keeping in view regulatory requirements, community concerns and technological advancements.
  • Conserve natural resources by their responsible and efficient use in all the operations.
  • Plant trees, develop green belts and promote lush green surroundings at our generating locations and establishments to work in harmony with nature; and
  • Make this policy available to public.


Health and Safety Policy

RInfra firmly believes that health and safety of its employees, who are an asset to the company, is of utmost importance. Safety is an essential and integral part of each and every activity at RInfra. Therefore all work shall be carried out with utmost care, giving due consideration to safety which shall not be compromised under any circumstances. Accidents and risk to health are preventable through continuous improvement in working environment and involvement of all employees making thereby a safe, healthy and accident free work place.

With regard to health and safety objectives, RInfra will: -

  • Comply with the requirement of all relevant statutory provisions
  • Incorporate appropriate health and safety criteria and factors into business decisions as well as selection and placement of personnel at appropriate levels and assigning the responsibility thereof
  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy work place through operational procedure, safe systems and methods of works
  • Develop safety awareness to protect all employees from foreseeable work hazards
  • Provide appropriate levels of training and support to management and employees to ensure that they are able to fulfill health and safety responsibilities
  • Work with major suppliers, contractors and customers to facilitate their health and safety performance improvement and also make it obligatory for them to follow the plant safety rules, procedures, systems and safe practices
  • Conduct audits and mock drills on site to ensure that operations are in compliance with health and safety management requirements and for emergency preparedness
  • Ensure that appropriate resources are available to fully implement health and safety policy and continuously review the policy's relevance with respect to legal and business development

The Company firmly believes that accidents are preventable and aims in achieving "Zero Accident Level".

Business Responsibility Policies

In line with the requirements of the SEBI Listing Regulations, the Company has adopted Business Responsibility Policy, based on principles laid down in the National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic responsibilities of a Business published by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, towards conducting business by a company.

The Policy can be viewed under the following link:
BR Policy