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We are driven by our commitment to achieve highest standards of transparency, accountability and equity, in all facets of its operations, and in all our interactions with our stakeholders: from, customers, shareholders and employees, to government, lenders and the wider community. The company believes that all its operations and actions must serve the underlying goal of enhancing overall enterprise value and safeguarding the shareholders' trust. In our commitment to practise sound governance principles, we are guided by the core principles of transparency, disclosures, empowerment and accountability, compliances, ethical conduct and maximization of stakeholder's interests.

We have formulated, inter alia, the following policy documents and introduced best practices of governance: policy statements on: values and commitments, code of ethics, business policies, prohibition of insider trading policy, prevention of sexual harassment, whistle blower policy, environment policy and Risk management procedures.

The Company has a comprehensive board charter in place setting out matters relating to Board composition, scope and functions of the Board and its committees, etc. A lead independent director, who acts as the spokesperson for independent directors interacts closely with the Chairman and carries out board evaluation process.

We have introduced several trend setting governance practices to improve stakeholder satisfaction, viz. customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and the society as a whole.

Our disclosures and governance practices are continually revisited, reviewed and revised to respond to the dynamic needs of our business and ensure that our standards are at par with the globally recognized practices of governance, so as to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders.