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Diversity in Employment

1. Objective

  • Reliance Infrastructure takes positive actions to ensure equal opportunity in the conduct of business activities without regard to gender, race, colour, national origin, sexual preference, marital status, pregnancy, potential pregnancy, age, disability, religious belief, family responsibilities, ethical belief, employment status and any other factors that are not related to individual ability, job performance and potential to develop in the workplace.
  • Diversity has direct relevance to the values of equality, equity, honesty, openness and social responsibility. Reliance Infrastructure seeks to reflect these values in the culture of the organisation, by treating staff fairly and with respect and by providing equality of opportunity in employment. Therefore, our aim is to develop a culture where the differences between people are valued and the full capabilities of individuals are harnessed and developed to the benefit of customers, staff and the business. Reliance Infrastructure shall do this by reflecting the diversity of society in all aspects of our business and, in particular, by making measurable improvements in the diversity of our workforce.


2. Scope

  • To develop the employment diversity policy throughout the Company, we shall:
    ­ continue to engage in dialogue with staff, recognised trade unions, other employers and organisations promoting the interests of under-represented groups,
    ­ raise awareness among management and staff of our commitment to diversity and ongoing progress,
    ­ continue to develop our systems to monitor diversity in all aspects of employment,
    ­ keep our employment policies, practices and conditions under review to ensure that they support diversity,
    ­ include diversity in management training programmes and recruitment and selection training programmes, and
    ­ report on progress and promote, both internally and externally, the importance of diversity.


3. Overall responsibility

  • Overall responsibility for how the employment diversity policy is applied rests with the Human Resources Department.


4. As part of this launch staff will be:

  • Briefed on diversity awareness
  • Given a copy of the diversity policy


5. Review

  • The policy will be reviewed at least annually to ensure that it continues to achieve our overall aim.