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Odd Lots Shares Scheme

In view of the difficulty experienced by the shareholders of the Company in selling their odd lot shares on the stock market and to mitigate the hardships caused to them, the Company has framed a scheme for the purchase of odd lot equity shares at the prevailing market price. The scheme is made available to shareholders of the Company who hold shares in odd lots. The main objectives for which the Scheme is formulated are:

  • To afford an opportunity to odd lot shareholders to dispose off their odd lot shares.
  • To reduce the number of odd lot shares and number of folios with a view to achieving reduction in investor servicing cost.
  • The scheme would overcome the difficulties faced by the shareholders such as
    a. Absence of liquidity in odd lot shares
    b. Physical shares fetch discounted stock price and
    c. Cumbersome procedure and expenses involved in opening demat accounts for small holding of few shares. 


Salient Features of the Odd Lots Share Scheme

What is an Odd Lot Odd Lot Shares means shares in a single Folio of 1 to 49 shares..
Objective To provide facility to the existing shareholders of the Company to dispose of their shares held in odd lot i.e. less than the present marketable lot of 50 shares.
Duration Up to March 31, 2013.
Eligibility 1 to 49 Shares with acceptance in full.
Administration The Scheme will be administered by Trustees of Reliance  Infrastructure Limited  Odd Lot  Shares Trust.
Applicability Within 15 days from receipt of duly completed Odd Lot  Application form along with other documents.
Payment Payable at par in the name of First shareholder - Cheque or Demand Draft.
Mode of payment Payable at par in the name of First shareholder - Cheque or Demand Draft.
Availability of Forms Karvy Fintech Private Limited.


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