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The Transmission Business

Reliance Infrastructure Limited is a premier Power Transmission Utility in the Indian Private Sector, both at Interstate & Intrastate levels. On a rapid growth path, it currently has a portfolio of 4 transmission projects with an asset base of INR 46 billion. These projects comprise of approximately 4,100 circuit kilometres (ckm) of transmission lines.

Project Details

Western Region System Strengthening Scheme - II (WRSSS - II)

Planned for strengthening the Western grid and facilitating an easy flow of surplus power for the Eastern Grid, nine National Grid Transmission lines, covered under two separate projects namely, Western Region Transmission (Maharashtra) Ltd. and Western Region Transmission (Gujarat) Ltd. have been implemented by Reliance Infrastructure Limited. This is the first ever 100 percent privately owned transmission project in India.

a) Western Region Transmission (Maharashtra) Ltd

Comprising six 400 kV lines of 2100 ckm, namely Solapur - Karad, Pune - Auranagabad, Parli - Solapur, Solapur - Kolhapur, Parli - Pune & Lonikhand-Kalwa, The transmission lines traverse mostly within Maharashtra and touch Karnataka. All six lines have already been commissioned by the Company, making the Project the first ever 100% privately owned interstate transmission venture in operations in India.

b) Western Region Transmission (Gujarat) Ltd

Comprising three 400 kV lines of 1000 ckm which connect Limdi, Vadavi, Kansari and Karamsad in Gujarat and touch Madhya Pradesh at Rajgarh. All three lines have already been commissioned.

Parbati Koldam Transmission

This is a joint venture company of Reliance Infrastructure Limited (74% equity) and Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (26% equity) with all the Northern Grid constituents as the beneficiaries. This venture implements the evacuation systems for 800 MW Parbati-II and 800 MW Koldam Hydro-electric power projects being executed by NHPC and NTPC respectively. The venture comprises 400 kV lines of around 460 ckm namely Parbati-Koldam and Koldam-Ludhiana. The Parbati - Koldam lines have been commissioned already.

Mumbai Transmission Business

Mumbai Transmission Business has been playing a significant role in meeting power requirements of Mumbai suburbs. It is operating with eight 220 kV Extra High Voltage (EHV) substations having total 3,000 MVA transformation capacity with around 540 ckm of overhead & underground transmission feeders. Transformation capacity has been augmented at three old AIS substations, while five new GIS stations have come in place during the year 2011 and 2012.

In a bid to enhance the transmission capacity of the substations, the Company has implemented a hybrid concept and innovative design for its new substations. The innovative design is a typical vertical indoor configuration which occupies little space as compared to a conventional outdoor EHV station. Critical issues of Right Of Way and space constraints for EHV feeders are taken care of by laying EHV cables and erecting 220kV cable terminations on vertically high structures.

Apart from strengthening the internal transmission network, the focus is also on meeting the ever increasing power demand of Mumbai's suburbs. This is done by bringing power from other points of the Transmission Grid network and establishing more interconnections with the State Transmission Network. Notwithstanding its dedicated efforts towards enhancing network expansion, the Business has focused equally on delivering quality and reliable power supply to its consumers. It has consistently maintained the 220kV System availability of ~100%. Deployment of several world class practices and technologies has facilitated achieving these breakthrough parameters. The business has also successfully implemented islanding scheme to handle a technical eventuality in case of any grid disturbance or failure thereby protecting the Mumbai area network.

Mumbai Transmission has successfully implemented Integrated Management System since 2010. This encompasses all important aspects of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety. The business has made its noteworthy presence on the quality front and bagged many high level awards at the National Convention of Quality Concepts. It also participated in the International Convention of QC Concepts at Taipei and performed remarkably well there.

System Availability of Mumbai Transmission System for FY 17