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Financial Highlights at a glance

Our Turnover, boosting our confidence.

We make sure to strengthen the confidence of everyone who seek their future with us either as business partners or as stock investors. With this aim in mind, we innovate, we explore and we invest in opportunities, which allows us to take the turnover graph up, consistently.

Our increasing Net Worth providing us the security.

Our increasing net worth not only provides enough guarantee to garner more finance from the capital and debt market, but also enable us to accumulate substantial assets which in turn provides us the security of meeting any kind of unforeseen expenditure. Here's a looks at our graph showcasing our net worth over the years.

Profit After Tax,it matters!

We understand that it´s important for you! Profit after tax is one of the most important parameters for investors and a profit generating company is always the centre of attraction amongst its stakeholders. A look at the graph below will clearly give you the reasons to look at us.

Earning Per Share

Along our journey, we have fought through trouble times and made sure to keep the interest of our investor our prime concern. Come, be a part of our world and be assured of regular dividend every year.

Let´s have a look at how we have performed over the years!